AC Repair

3 signs you need to have your car’s air conditioning repaired

It’s easy to ignore air conditioning problems until the heat of summer sets in. Don’t wait until your system stops working completely and you’re stuck driving around in a boiling hot car. Bring your car or truck to Service Auto Air & Truck Accessories if:

  1. Your air conditioner isn’t blowing out cool air, or isn’t blowing air at all.
  2. Your car smells bad when you crank up the air conditioning.
  3. Your air conditioning system makes loud noises.

Not sure what’s wrong with your car’s cooling system? We offer $50 air conditioning system checkups at Service Auto Air & Truck Accessories. Bring your car by our shop in Scott, Louisiana to get a breath of fresh air.

12 Month Warranties on Most Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs

We’ll Help You Keep Your Cool

Hire the pros at Service Auto Air & Truck Accessories

Enjoy tooling around town in a cool, comfortable car this summer instead of struggling through the journey in a sweatbox. Service Auto Air & Truck Accessories makes expert air conditioner repairs on all types of vehicles. Call 337-232-2665 today to discuss your needs with an auto repair pro at Service Auto Air & Truck Accessories.

Auto A/C Repair and Heating Service

Don’t get stuck with a broken vehicle air conditioning system and or heater. The weather conditions in our state are very unpredictable; leave your vehicle Auto A/C Repair to Service Auto Air! We are predictable and can fix any problems you may have. Our team of professionals look forward to getting you back in a comfortable temperature that you can live with in your vehicle. Nothing is worse than Louisiana’s summer heat! Get your A/C back today and within a budget that you can afford! Auto AC repair you can trust!!!

$50.00 AC Checkups Happening Now!

Air Conditioning and Heating Services Include:

  • Condenser and Compressor Replacement and Repair
  • Evaporator Repair and Replacement
  • Leak and Refrigerant Replacement and Check
  • Interior Control and Blower Evaluation and Repair
  • Engine Cooling System Inspection, Testing, and Repair
  • Heater Repair and Inspection
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Servicing Most Makes and Models!